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Let BROGAV Solutions be your sourcing expert. 

We know it's challenging to be the subject matter expert on all the latest products and

lead times, so let BROGAV Solutions consolidate for you and leverage purchasing power.


Our focus is easy: Efficiency, Quality, and Vendor-neutral.

Once you work with us, you'll be proud to say, "That was easy!"

“More often than not, we are under aggressive deadlines to meet customer expectations when deploying design built custom customer fit outs. Recently we had a snag in vendor activity that would have prohibited us from delivering product on time to meet the demand. Within literally hours, Brogav was able to procure and secure shipment of the much needed devices and allow us to complete the install on time."

-David Mullen, Facility Engineer, Cologix Inc.

“We’ve been working with Celina and her team since {they were established.} They are now our preferred vendor for data center equipment and services. The exceptional customer support is unmatched. The variety of products and services they provide are exactly what the data center industry needed. The value they will bring to your organization cannot be duplicated.”

-Valued Customer

"The Brogav Solutions Team brings a smart, fresh perspective on solving problems. They care about delivering results and are an appreciated partner to have on your side."

-Valued Partner

Power Management

(Refurbished options available)

  • UPSs

  • PDUs

  • Busway

  • Batteries

  • Monitoring

  • STSs

  • ATSs

  • RPPs

  • Rectifiers

  • Breakers

White Space

  • Cabinets, Enclosures, Racks

  • Vertical and Rack PDUs

  • Fiber Panels

  • Fiber Assemblies

  • Copper Assemblies

  • Ladder Rack/Basket Tray

  • Power Whips

  • Access Flooring

  • Cage

  • Wall boxes

  • Splitters

  • Transceivers

  • Leak Detection 

Turnkey Services

Cooling Solutions

  • CRAC

  • CRAH

  • In-row Coolers

  • Rear Door Heat Exchangers

  • Containment - Hot/Cold Aisle

Your Telecommunications & Data Center Sourcing Experts

For all of your telecommunications and data center sourcing needs, it’s time to contact the experts at BROGAV Solutions. We will work hard to solve your mission critical needs.

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