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Meet Our Founder 

I’m Celina, founder and CEO of BROGAV Solutions. I started my career in telecommunications and data centers right out of college and have continued to grow in this field ever since. From splicing fibers, assembling cabinets and installing containment, I have hands on experience that shows I’m not afraid of a challenge. When I found an opportunity to put my expertise into a business centered around fostering important and imperative, mission critical relationships, I took the opportunity and started BROGAV Solutions.


I’m proud to say that BROGAV Solutions is a woman owned and operated business and is providing more diversity in the mission critical field. With BROGAV Solutions, I’m excited to empower and to help others break into technology careers.


When I speak with mission critical managers, their biggest concerns are shortages of products, lead times, and the rapid rate that technology is evolving.  As we look ahead, the growth of businesses will largely rely on keeping up with the demands of their infrastructures. That’s why you need a partner you can rely on, like BROGAV Solutions.


My core vision with BROGAV Solutions is to create the ultimate customer experience that will solve your mission critical needs and make you say, "That was easy!" More than ever, companies need someone they can trust and I’m proud to say that this is a company that has been 100% built on customer referrals. Join our network and experience it for yourself. Allow BROGAV Solutions to keep you and your business ahead of the curve.  We can’t wait to work with you!

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