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Mission Critical,

Customer Driven,


Who We Are

BROGAV Solutions is a resourceful and experienced sourcing partner for data centers and telecommunication companies. We carry a selection of new (and refurbished) infrastructure equipment, which is key with today's lead times, we can even provide rentals on power equipment.  Use BROGAV Solutions for clear and direct communication, to help you find better lead times or out of the box resolutions for your projects. From simplifying procurement processes, to monitoring project timelines

and providing logistics management, to full installation,

we provide end-to-end support that will help you make the best decisions for your company.


By collaborating with the experts in this industry, we have a network of experts who have substantial experience, and we also have partnerships with vendors who are

dedicated to giving you the best material options.

We are vendor agnostic, so our customers' needs are always our top priority.


And finally, our installation managers are able to accommodate a variety of jobs. All in all, our network of partners keeps you in mind with every problem we help solve,

making BROGAV Solutions the easy choice for our customers.

And as a women owned and operated company, we are growing diversity in this industry.


Partner with us for all of your mission critical needs and let BROGAV Solutions be your “easy button”.

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